Two robots, many races


In the future, after aliens leave us alone, human beings create two robots.

bottom up robotics

The bottom up robot has a distributed intelligence. Each part has its own function and needs to coordinate with other parts in order to move and act. Each part is equally intelligence but not too much. The arms detect direction, the legs detect obstacle. Every part has its own sense and makes its own decision. Somehow this robot walks in a chaotic flexible mode.

giant robot

The top down robot is a giant one.  This giant robot has a centralised brain, every signal goes back to this centre piece which collects, analyses information and makes decision as to how to allocate resources to act and move (sometimes it emulates). The body part is an execution machine.

In the fIeld of business, education, technology, these two robots will carry out their own races (Let us hope these are friendly ones)

This article does not belong to any category and pays its partial gratitude to Kevin Kelly.


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