19 universities in Shanghai to recognise MOOC credits


goes to school19 universities in Shanghai announced that they will acknowledge MOOCs (on their own platform) for credits. 

CnMOOCs, a Chinese MOOC platform developed by Shanghai Jiao Tong University will host the credit-bearing courses.

It is a great news for students among the 19 universities. They are able to have a glimpse of lecturer styles in the other 18 universities. It will be hard work for lecturers. Making a MOOC course is time and energy consuming. The production of MOOC courses will only sustain when the system works out the right trigger – the incentives for educators.  It is a good news for universities with good quality teaching resources as students will quickly discover through online free courses. Therefore the good institutions will find it easier and easier to recruit top students in the  future.

Strictly speaking, it is not MOOCs as these courses are aimed for campus students accepted in these 19 universities already. The current platform hosts 10 courses, 6 of which are produced by Jiao Tong University itself. It is still too early to take a bet on its future. Nevertheless, it is a news really worth showing on FlyingChalk blog.


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