Yelp for MOOCs


We are lost in front of the numerous courses. This course refers to a lecture course, not a meal course. As our time is limited, we cannot consume all contents available. It is tempting to learn as much as we want but ~~ to be realistic, we still need to work, sleep. Facing the web learning feast, wouldn’t it be great to have a Yelp for lecture courses?

buffetedX has teamed up with CourseTalk to provide a platform for course reviews that includes star ratings and in-depth comments. 

I like this idea of using others’ reviews as part of my decision making criteria. To develop it even further, I would trust a review from someone I know personally or professionally. My prior knowledge of this person’s intellectual capability and subject expertise in that area will be useful for me to develop a pretty accurate picture if his/her review is relevant or helpful to me.

So Facebook/LinkedIn, would you join this MOOC buffet rating game one day? We need the connectivity effect your platforms are offering.


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