Higher education isn’t threatened by online counterpart, it’s reminded


ky_poundhill305Opposites my student housing in Cambridge, there’s the Kettle’s Yard House. Kettle’s Yard presents a Cambridge hundreds of years ago with its old photos and furnitures. What strikes me most was the historical fact that university used to be such a privilege that only those from the rich and powerful families had the hope to be accepted. For someone who took my higher education for granted, it was a surprise.

800 years later, university is no longer a luxury. With the MOOC movement where universities start to upload their education on the web, it is becoming a commodity.

Many people therefore cried out – universities are under threat. I would not agree.

University education, at its initial stage, was only accessible to a few. Over time, it became available to the mass. Sooner or later, we are going to realise this four-year education is only the start of a life long learning journey. It is to cultivate the habit to learn and form a life passion for oneself.

Therefore universities are reminded to reshape their roles by their online peers. They are not threatened. The four year campus life lights the learning desire and cultivates the learning habit. Their online sibling, MOOC, provides the option for life long learners to stay on the track.


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