Give me a break



People say they don’t want to grow up, I say I don’t want to grow down.

An adult works for eight hours. After working hour, (s)he goes to relax or meet friends. At home, (s)he can cook, do hobbies, grow some plants, watch TV and play video games. Over the weekend, (s)he can sleep in and do nothing.

A child studies for eight hours at school. After studying hour, (s)he goes to tutor’s place to continue studying. At home, (s)he continues to work on homework. Over the weekend, (s)he gets up early to attend extra curriculum activity clubs or go to learn a hobby. Some of them have a zombie face already.

Ask any adult you know who wants to swap life with a child, zero!

I heard stories of parents who sent their three-year-old daughter to a leadership communication course. Seriously? Give me a break.


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