The (Sadly) Most Powerful Brain


A TV show [The Most Powerful Brain] became a huge hit in China. It is said to be an introduction of a German TV show franchise (I Googled the original German show but could find anything in English about it. Google, you disappointed me!)

This show gathers people of various distinguished talents. People who have eidetic memory, who can remember hundreds of phone numbers in one day, who can tell the size and position of an object by hearing (BATMAN!!!). I don’t watch TV but I imagine how exciting it is to see people with super talents. In my early 20’s I watched Rain Man and wished I were as smart as him.


The recent episode of [The Most Powerful Brain] had two teenage boys of twelve years old. They both cried in the show, for different reasons. Boy A cried to an collapsing extent as he thought he memorised things wrong and would lose. Boy B cried as he was worried about boy A. A eventually got everything right and won.

It is certainly a fun thing to master some skills others don’t. But that is far from reaching the pinnacle of life. I might have this talent or might not have that talent but so what? My Mac machine processes calculation in a flashing speed, way faster than I do. I, meanwhile, am not that bothered by this fact my Mac beats me in calculation.

It is quite a sad show.


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