Let us date!


One can never be bored watching the space of MOOC. On 16th of March, edX and GEMS Education announced a partnership during the Global Education & Skills Forum to bring MOOC courses to pre-university students. GEMS Education will create courses on the platform specifically aimed at pre- university students, who currently make up 5% of edX’s 2 million users around the world.

speed datingAccompany the news edX goes to younger customers (K-12), FutureLearn moves further in the professional training space by successfully wooing ACCA for accreditation. It is also the first platform to officially alliance with  non university institutions such as British Museum. edX, in March this year, added 6 non university consortium partners such as IMF as well. The speed dating game between platform and content providers started and will continue to do so.

I love this speed dating game. Platforms are actively experimenting, by combing its platform features with content providers targeting specific consumer segments. They are looking for an innovative and right combination, one that either attracts huge traffic or provides monetization solutions.

Call it disruptive, call it destructive. Keep dating, genius baby(s) are on the way!


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