Golden plate nomination


Zhuang yuanIt is claimed by Chinese proverbs there are two biggest pleasures in life – 金榜题名时 and 洞房花烛夜。金榜题名时, literally it means the day your name is nominated on the golden plate. In Chinese history, it is the time when one is informed by a group of people singing praises, that he has won the national exams based on essay writing. 洞房花烛夜 means the night your room is lit by romantic candles, a night when one gets married to a beautiful wife.

Candle night sounds fun and certainly achievable. Imagine a pool of population of 1 billion people, 50% female. Among the half female, let us say 50% is good looking. Then theoretically 250 million guys will have sweet candle nights.

hair knot

Golden plate nomination is hard. Historically only males took that exam. Therefore, the probability of winning the number 1 plate was one out of 500 million people. People work really really hard for that probability. One determined guy tired his hair on the house beam and jabbed his side with a needle to keep oneself awake. He became a famous role model in the text book. Another guy went insane after years of hard work and a final recognition of golden plate nomination. It was a sad drama.

In modern days, that golden plate nomination translates into getting accepted by an elite foreign college/university. The student is glorified by praises from every one. All the hard work pays off by a letter of acceptance.

The result can be the biggest pleasure of life. But is the process FUN? Not if I needed to jab needle in my legs.

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