MOOCs grew taller again!


I woke up to read two exciting news in the world of MOOCs

First, ACCA will recognise certain MOOC courses. ‘Discovering Business in Society’, a MOOC course developed in partnership between ACCA and the University of Exeter Business School, gained ACCA’s seal of approval. After successfully passing FutureLearn’s invigilated exam, it will lead to exemption from paper F1 (Accountant in Business), a standard module in the ACCA qualification.

Second, South Africa’s awarenet is taking MOOCs courses to rural schools. This Grahamstown based educational NPO awarenet just added classes from theKhan Academy‘s KALite to its repertoire of tools that it supplies to schools in the area. KALite is an open source, offline tool which gives schools that lack internet access the ability to use Khan Academy’s courses on local computers.

AI -hero_EB20110707REVIEWS08110709988AR

MOOC reminds me of the 2001 movie [A.I.]. A model prototype boy created to resemble a human child. The difference is that this time, the A.I. boy of MOOCs has exhibited a potential of unlimited possibilities beyond a human boy can do.

What will I read tomorrow?



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