Smart move, Pearson!


EinsteinThere are quite a few edTech focused accelerators or incubators including Pearson Catalyst. Last year , it received a total of 202 applications; 124 applications met the submission criteria. 6 startups were selected. 5 completed the pilot program.

This year Pearson Catalyst opened applications for its second class in its Catalyst incubatorprogram, with a couple of changes: First, Pearson has specified ten challenges that it is hoping startups will address. Also, the program will be done virtually this year, meaning that accepted startups no longer have to spend time in London.

SMART! Even Einstein is gonna love it because

1. It is Goal Oriented: Many technologies make a fatal mistake – fall in love with technology and forget about the problem. But the list of challenges  by Pearson is sensible : math teaching, data visualisation, English language learning, benchmark global education standards.

2. It is Global: the impact of digital disruption is borderless. No ambitious individual can afford to think only local.

Great start, Pearson. An initiative to plant the seeds began well, I am hope further an enriching soil to grow them into billion dollar businesses.


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