You, get out… Grrrrrr!


Kung Fu pandaMaster – Let us start our Kung Fu class and it is free and open to every one of you!

Students – Yeah! (excited)

Master – You, student Cuba; you, student Iran and you, student Sudan, get out!

Student Cuba+Iran+Sudan – Grrrrr, why we cannot take this class? (completely confused and embarrassed, tears in eyes)

Master – Your dads had a fight with me yesterday. So you think I am going to teach you Kung Fu and let your dads learn all about this and beat me? Go home and blame your dads.

Student Cuba+Iran+Sudan – Bye, Kung Fu Master (left crying)

The rest of the class – Didn’t the master just say this class is available and free to all? (Only thinking because they don’t want to be kicked out of the class)

The story was inspired by the recent news ‘US MOOC provider edX has been forced to block access to users in Cuba, Iran and Sudan from a new course on ­aerodynamics.’


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