How to upload video on Chinese Youtube – solution to accessibility


Youtube is used often for MOOC instructors to upload their lecture videos.  The fact it is blocked in China prevents many Chinese learners from accessing excellent resources on Youtube.  The alternative Vimeo is very slow in video streaming, which makes watching videos on that site from my Shanghai office a real pain.

One solution is to use the Chinese version of Youtube – Tudou.comTudou means potato in Tudou registration Chinese (Don’t ask me why ‘Potato’ became the Chinese Youtube). According to wiki – this video sharing website for People’s Republic of China went live on April 15, 2005 and by September 2007 served over 55 million videos each day.

Tudou manual picture

The Chinese interface of the website makes it almost impossible for non Chinese speakers to do anything there. The good news is that I have worked out English manuals on how to register and upload videos on in English. For MOOC instructors keen to explore 1.3 billion Chinese speaking learners, I will share these  manual with you via emails.

Contact me if you would like to get a PDF copy of the manual. And I am also willing to spend time helping you experiment it for the first time.

11 thoughts on “How to upload video on Chinese Youtube – solution to accessibility

    • Cliff Garbutt (Living in Wuhan)

      Hi! Please send me the PDF! I have been STRUGGLING with this for AGES! :p
      Thank you! Thank You THANK YOU!

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