Can MOOC train a master chef?


MOOC is truly flourishing, WFE launched its own MOOC platform – Forum Academy by using edx’s platform. Welcome to the MOOC club!

If we assume knowledge consists pieces of information in well-designed units, the way to liberate education is to package information well and post them onto cyber space. Every one can have equal access to the world bank of knowledge and every one is equally intelligent. The more MOOC courses are there, the more intelligence our human race is!

My logic assumes learning is a process of acquiring a recipe. Someone broadcasts the receipt content over Internet, millions of us acquire the instructions of the recipe. Great, we gain the wisdom of cooking!

Wait, wait! To be a good chef, we don’t just go to the cooking school to understand terms and receipts. It involves going to the wet market, touching and smelling the ingredients, following a master chef, practicing, asking people to taste, experimenting with new recipes.

In 2012, I was super excited to taste the flavory of MOOC from Coursera. Today what will excite me is a MOOC platform which grooms master chef online. I will take my hat off for it!

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