MOOC challenges


The idea of opening up education resources free to all looks very romantic and that is a major part of the reason why I was jumping into MOOCs. Being a MOOC consumer and a MOOC contributor, I read through this article [EdTech’s Five Biggest Challenges] and can resonate at least three points mentioned here.

1. Expanding access to education for real – I agree video lectures will never be the same as classroom lectures. The opportunity to gather instant student feedback and improvise one’s teaching style and content is much more abundant in face to face teaching. I guess that is what makes good quality teaching hard to scale up. So far, internet technology has not broken through the barrier and more imagination is needed.

2. Finding MOOC motivation – As a strong MOOC fan with a not so strong mental persistence, I have to admit I have not completed a single MOOC course. However my 2014 resolution, one of them is to complete a MOOC course I sign up for.

3. MOOC as job credentials – I am less worried about this point. If some one does acquire certain skills through online learning, I am sure he/she will find a way to demonstrate them. Also the capstone project proposed by Coursera’s specialisation program might offer a valuable proof of student’s learning outcome to employers.

Challenges also meant opportunities! We are ready for them!


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