Modularized education


Coursera started to offer “specialisation certificates” for a fee, to students who complete a sequence of courses in a given subject. see [certificates for sequenced course]

According to Coursera’s website, ‘Specialisation’ is a group of related courses designed to help learners deepen their expertise in a subject. (most of time, it is skill-based learning). One will earn a Specialization Certificate when he/she successfully earns a Verified Certificate for each course in a Specialization. Among these coursers under one specialisation, some courses are compulsory and some courses are optional. One pays for each course individually. If a learner fails a course, he/she is given a second chance for free. Those under a ‘specialisation’ track also need to participate in a capstone project, which is set for students to demonstrate their acquired skills.

For me, this indicates Coursera’s move towards skill-based training (as opposed to pure academic study) , modularising traditional higher education and uploading these modules online.

In traditional classroom, one takes a class. On MOOC platform, one takes a MOOC course. In traditional classroom, one completes a program. On Coursera platform, one takes a specialisation.

Would I be wrong to predict Coursera’s next initiative to provide credit awarding courses?


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