Say bye to my low grade at Cambridge?


I remember during my first term studying in Cambridge University, I received my assignment grading and thought I had failed my study as I got a 40 out of 100. Later on I was told that a Cambridge/Oxford 40 equals to a 60 in other university systems.

I would not moan about a low grade but I did wish (and still do) to have a system to tell me what I should improve be do better. The Oxford/Cambridge system gives student greater independence and freedom to pursue intellectual goals, based on the assumption that every one is highly intellectual and motivated. That is the higher education for the cream of the crop.

With more and more people receiving university, would that assumption still hold and if not, how shall the grading system reflect a changing fact?

‘In an attempt to improve the system, 21 universities started to experiment in November with an American-style grade-point average in hopes that it would be a better evaluation of students’ efforts and help solve grade inflation and other problems.’

Full article [The Americanization of British Higher Education]


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